Kristen's Testimonials


Kristen Collins with Safe Haven Doulas was simply amazing! My husband and I could not have gone through the birth of our first child without her. She offered advice and information to any question that I had prior to birth, without being pushy or judgmental when I selected the birth plan that worked best for me! She was a steady presence throughout my labor, and helped us understand what was going on each step along the way.
She gave me exercises and different positions to speed up my labor, breathing techniques to get me through the toughest contractions, and many comfort measures emotionally and physically to keep me strong and focused throughout labor. My husband and I feel you will not find a better support person during such an intimate time as the birth of your child!!!
~ Jordan ~



Kristen provided excellent doula care! She was very kind, thoughtful and resourceful. She brought one of her tools called the "peanut". I loved it. I thought it was very beneficial in helping progress my labor. I cannot thank her enough for her presence for the critical times that I, hubby and the baby had. Her time and expertise is invaluable. I highly recommend her doula services!

Kristen was great and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. She listened carefully to what I wanted for my birth and spent a lot of time preparing my husband and me before the birth. My husband was very confident after her prenatal visits and was well prepared for my labor. He had been so nervous to start with. I had an all natural VBAC with a 9lb, 5oz baby thanks to Kristen's help. She was a quiet, but strong support during labor. She was flexible and available during my pregnancy for questions and did her research when she didn't have a ready answer. She also has a great toolbox for positions to help pain relief during labor.
I would use her services again in a heartbeat!

Kristen was a huge asset at my birth. She brought an air of calm and relaxation into by birthing room and encouraged and supported me every step of the way. In particular, her massaging hands helped ease the pressure on my back and hips and made each pressure wave (contraction) so manageable.
I was incredibly grateful for Kristen's support during my 24 labor and natural birth.
I highly recommend her services to any mother considering using her as a doula.